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The long-term result of the Manhattan Project was the Cold War, which, while The project essay and emotionally devastating for the two countries involved, led to the MAD condition. This created a security dilemma between the United States and the Soviet Union, and for decades after World War II, both countries directed incredible amounts of money and resources towards increasing the size of their arsenals.

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World War II was over. By the end ofbomb research had become bomb production, and the Manhattan Project was now run by the military, with Colonel soon to be General Leslie R. Manhattan Project In the early morning hours of July 16,the first ever nuclear explosion took place in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Those who believe this is true must accept that there was actually some good that came out of the Cold War. The money spent on the Manhattan Project would play a large role in dictating the extent of defense spending in the budget for the next several decades.

During this time of scientific discovery, Hitler had been steadily rising to power in Germany, and before long, physicist Leo Szilard and fellow Hungarian Jews Eugene Wigner and Edward Teller became worried.

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The effects of the Manhattan project were enormous on all levels- individual, domestic, and international.

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Inthe Soviet Union dissolved, and the nuclear weapons problem worsened when some of the newly independent states had nuclear weapons on their territory.

Interdisciplinary work requires a statement of methods being used and combined. The most important effects of the Manhattan Project are undoubtedly international. World politics has forever been changed by the results of the Manhattan Project. Over five years were dedicated by the top scientific, political, and military minds in the world to the creation of a horrible weapon, but in the end, they managed to create something that many believe will help alleviate the threat of war.

Over the following years however, most of the newly independent countries complied with the wishes of the United States and Russia, and either turned over their nuclear arsenal or entered treaties regulating the usage of the weapons.

The story of the Manhattan Project is an abysmal subject, as is the effect of the Manhattan Project on international politics, and both will be covered in this paper. Wikipedia may be OK for basic fact checking, but it is not a primary source for research.

Roosevelt quickly assigned his top security advisors to form committees on this project, and to determine what should be done and how. Albert Einstein was later reported as regretful of the letter he signed to President Roosevelt that initiated what eventually became the Manhattan Project.

This is the main required structure: The lasting effects of the Manhattan Project are indeed positive. This is arguably the greatest gift that the Manhattan Project gave the world.

President Truman made the decision to use this nuclear capability, and on August 6,Lt. Main body of the essay: With the information provided by Manhattan Project scientist and Soviet spy Klaus Fuchs, as well as information confiscated from the Germans, the Soviets were well on their way to building their own nuclear arsenal.

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Sample Project Management essays! Essay: Manhattan Project In the early morning hours of July 16,the first ever nuclear explosion took place in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

The explosion was the first test of the most destructive weapon ever known to man, and was the result of almost six years of research and development by some of the world’s top scientists.

The project essay
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