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In addition to regular assignments, students will also compete in solving challenge problems each quarter with prizes given in recognition of the best solutions.

Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering

Waves, Quantum Physics, and Statistical Mechanics. The first term will cover the essential fundamental underpinnings, while topics in second term will include examples from optical methods, high-frequency and fast temporal measurements, biological interfaces, signal transduction, biosensing, and Senior thesis caltech at the quantum limit.

The course is geared toward seniors and first-year graduate students who are not in particle physics, although students in particle physics are welcome to attend. Ph a is continued by Ph ab in second and third terms. Senior thesis MS 78 abc. Anyone can do things like study x-rays from pulsars in our galaxy or gamma rays from distant galaxies using data from Swift and Fermi; discover planets eclipsing nearby stars using data from Kepler; measure the expansion of the universe using supernovae data; study the cosmic microwave background with data from Planck; find gravitational waves from binary black hole mergers using data from LIGO; and study the clustering of galaxies using Hubble data.

My mentor, Professor Phinney, has been amazing at encouraging me in productive directions and enthusiastically went along with me when I wanted to go off in a strange direction on a hunch," Jermyn says.

It showed me how unpredictable and exciting research can be. A one-year course in quantum mechanics and its applications, for students who have completed Ph 12 or Ph 2.

Prizes There are several research-related prizes that are awarded to undergraduates each year. Image manipulation with python. Computational tools and numerical techniques. Overview of classical information theory, compression of quantum information, transmission of quantum information through noisy channels, quantum error-correcting codes, quantum cryptography and teleportation.

Topics include classical waves; wave mechanics, interpretation of the quantum wave-function, one-dimensional bound states, scattering, and tunneling; thermodynamics, introductory kinetic theory, and quantum statistics.

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This course is designed primarily for junior and senior undergraduates in astrophysics and physics. Topics in Classical Physics.

This course will focus on the physics of sound, how musical instruments make it, and how we hear it, including readings, discussions, demonstrations, and student observations using sound analysis software.

Emphasis on physical insight and problem solving. Units in accordance with work accomplished: This course will first examine processes driven purely by diffusion and progress toward description of systems governed by steady and unsteady convection-diffusion and reaction-diffusion.

Pay rates are determined by the type of work and academic class level of the student. Relativistic Quantum Field Theory.

Topics include advanced signal acquisition, conditioning, and data processing, introductions to widely-used optical devices and techniques, laser-frequency stabilization, and classic experiments such as magnetic resonance, optical pumping, and doppler-free spectroscopy.

The course will also help students find faculty sponsors for individual research projects. Others want the opportunity to try a new area of research. Topics will include the renormalization group, phase transitions, universality, scale vs.

Undergraduate Major in Applied Physics

Frontiers of Fundamental Physics. This course is an introduction to quantum cryptography: Python for scientific programming, Mathematica for symbolic manipulation, Unix tools for software development. Students will choose a topic of interest, make presentations of this material in a variety of formats, and, through a guided process, draft and revise a technical or review article on the topic.

We will explore some of these data sets and the science than can be extracted from them. Occasionally, advanced work involving reading, special problems, or independent study is carried out under the supervision of an instructor.

Part c not offered in It includes measuring the force between wires with a homemade analytical balance, measuring properties of a 1,volt spark, and building and studying a radio-wave transmitter and receiver. They often orbit closely together with a low-mass "companion star" that can receive enormous amounts of radiation from the nearby pulsar.

Second term covers probability and statistics in physics.

Caltech Seniors Win Library Friends Thesis Prize

For more information on work study, students should consult with the Financial Aid Office. Use of python for accessing scientific data from the web.A unique phenomenon occurring with metal hydride systems that presents a loss in hydrogen storage efficiency and has received little scientific attention is the hysteresis behavior observed during H2 absorption and desorption.

As an ambient H 2 pressure is introduced into a metal hydride, the material undergoes a phase transformation from a hydrogen-poor phase to a hydrogen-rich phase during. The Friends of the Caltech Libraries created the prize in to recognize senior theses that exemplify research and the effective use of the scholarly record.

Undergraduate Major in Materials Science

The thesis is an extensive, independent written work produced during the senior year, usually within a senior thesis course series. Caltech Seniors Win Library Friends Thesis Prize Two Caltech seniors, Adam Jermyn and Kerry Betz, were named as winners of this year's Library Friends' Senior Thesis Prize.

The Thesis Prize is intended to encourage undergraduates to complete a formal work of scholarship as a capstone project for their undergraduate career and to recognize. Senior thesis? Questions? Philosophy of the major: Students should have the flexibility to follow their passion.

- Consider a senior thesis for your project sequence caltech strength) caltech strength) So, you’re a systems person - Take CS24 & CS3 as early as possible. Welcome to CaltechTHESIS CaltechTHESIS is a growing repository of Ph.D., Engineer, Master's and Bachelor's/Senior theses authored by Caltech students.

It is updated continuously as students add new theses, and as library staff scan and add older theses. Open only to senior physics majors.

This research must be supervised by a faculty member, the student's thesis adviser. Laboratory work is required for this course.

Senior thesis caltech
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