Microbial nutrition

Nonspecific Brownian movement Osmosis: As one substance enters the cell, the other substance is transported out. What are the 3 types of active transport? There are three different types of transport events for simple transport: What are macroelements and why are they important to a cell?

As more of the substance is transported into the cell the concentration gradient decreases, slowing the rate of diffusion. Calcium stabilizes the cell wall and bacterial endospores. One of the best studied examples of group Microbial nutrition is the phosphoenolpyruvate: Energy expenditure is not required.

In particular, cells need nitrogen for the formation of proteins, nucleic acids, and a few other cell components. Antiporters transport two substances across the membrane as well, but in opposite directions.

Anaerobe- Lacks the metabolic enzyme systems for using oxygen in respiration.

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What is the importance of nutrient uptake for a cell? Mass transport of large particles, Microbial nutrition, and liquids by engulfment and vesicle formation Qualities: Why is iron uptake important for a cell? Washington state detergent ban -- did I call that or what?? Water moves into the cell and may cause the cell to burst if the wall is weak or damaged.

Magnesium works with chlorophyll and helps to stabilize membranes and ribosomes. An example is Satellitism b. Molecule need not exist in a gradient. A phosphate is transferred from the PEP to the incoming sugar during the process of transportation.

How can these terms be combined to define the nutritional types of microbes in terms of their sources of carbon, electrons, and energy? Aerobe- an aerobic organism can use oxygen in its metabolism and possesses the enzymes needed to process toxic oxygen products.

Rate of transport is increased. These terms can all be combined, to derive a single term that gives you an idea of what an organism is using to meet its basic needs for energy, electrons, and carbon.

Potassium is needed for protein synthesis and membrane function. If the concentration gradient dissipates, the passage of molecules into the cell stops. Cells also need phosphorous, which is a crucial component of nucleic acids think sugar-phosphate backbone!

Transport may occur against a concentration gradient. In order to do this, a cell must utilize metabolic energy for the transport of the substance through carrier proteins embedded in the membrane.

Macronutrients In addition to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, cells need a few other elements in sufficient quantity. Let us focus on carbon first. Major element in all organic and several inorganic compounds such as water, salts, hydrogen, sulfide, methane, and hydrogen gas.

Microbial Interactions Microbes coexist in many different relationships in nature. Sodium is used for cell transport throughout the organism. Active Transport Versus Facilitated Diffusion.

An example would be antibiotic production. In this case, a concentration gradient must exist, where there is higher concentration of the substance outside of the cell than there is inside the cell.

Each carrier protein typically exhibits specificity, only transporting in a particular type of molecule or closely related molecules.Microbial Nutrition and Growth. CHAPTER SUMMARY.

Growth Requirements (pp. ) Microbiologists use the term growth to indicate an increase in. 2 Microbial Nutrition •Nutritional requirements •Sources of nutrients •Ways to get nutrients (Transport mechanisms).

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Elements of Microbial Nutrition, Ecology and Growth Chapter Overview: Microbes and their ability to survive in various habitats and the different environmental factors.

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Microbial nutrition
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