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Hilton is a well-known and distinguished name in fine hotels across the United States and worldwide. Equally as important as the increase in occupancy was the significant improvement in average daily rate.

Many travelers have different priorities when traveling to include visiting theme parks, beaches, shopping, dining, or other entertainment. For example, hotels are not only including room stay but also gaming, entertainment, shopping, comedy clubs, lounges, nail and hair salons and other activities and amenities desired by consumers.

For the year, that rate jumped 7 percent over the last year" McDonald,p. Market Summary Hilton Hotels is one of the market leaders in the hotel and gaming industry in the United States.

In addition, the hotel market has demonstrated a consistently high occupancy rate, particularly the Hilton hotels. In"Hilton hotels showed system-wide occupancy of 70 percent, a three-point increase overwhile the U.

Hilton International and Hilton Hotels joining forces to become one corporation Information will be provided from the case study and the use of secondary resources for support of the marketing strategies recommended for the Hilton Hotels.

The age of the traveler and their marital status and number of children can have a large impact on the vacation destinations of the consumer.

The market is also demonstrating a trend of hotels becoming a one-stop-shop. There has been a greater breakdown of the hotel industry and according to demographics, psychographics, and location the following four segments have been identified: Since gaming and entertainment are two very different activities, Hilton must be careful when strategizing to ensure that the offered activities are complimentary.

With the acquisition of Hilton International, Hilton Hotels Corporation became a global force with more than 2, hotels in more than 80 countries throughout the world Market Demographics The demographics for a diverse company such as Hilton offer a wide variety of customers.

The marketing strategies Hilton should pursue in the hotel and gaming markets will be discussed and recommendations will be made. For example, Hilton has now expanded its facilities to include casinos and shows in various parts of the world. Sales for Hilton have also demonstrated a steady increase, particularly once the hotels expanded to include gaming and entertainment.

Although the cost of entertainment is a significant expense for hotels, "the cost of providing entertainment is justified by its effectiveness in attracting people to the gaming tables and machines" McDonald,p. After the events of September 11, the hotel industry has seen changing demographics and lifestyle changes that have had a major impact on the U.

Market Trends The hotel industry market has demonstrated a trend of incorporating gaming such as casinos and entertainment into the services offered by the hotel. These statistics demonstrates an overall market growth in the hotel and gaming industry in recent years.

As a result, Hilton created the "Hilton Promise that every Hilton employee would give superior and distinctive service, which guests would remember and for which they would return" McDonald,p, 3. Innovators - Hilton has been on the leading edge of introducing many new products or services in the hotel industry 3.

This trend is demonstrating the evolution of hotels into destination resorts. Hilton Hotels has recognized this trend and according to Jerry Tarasofsky of Hotel News Resource, "you can start by dividing your customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways, such as age, gender, interests, and purpose of visit.Hilton Hotel company appreciates the value of its staff and uses internal marketing to retain them and make them feel valued.

At the Hilton organisation. And because of our innovative approach to products, amenities and service, Hilton continues to be synonymous with hotel across the globe.

Hilton Hotels Case Analysis

Hilton Hotels & Resorts remains the stylish, forward thinking global leader of hospitality – and we help make traveling easier with our smart design, innovative restaurant concepts, authentic hospitality. Essay on Gap Analysis for Hilton Hotel Words | 13 Pages. The hotel industry is one of the most prolific industries in Australia due to its presence in society and.

Hilton Hotel in Gainesville vs. Hilton Hotel in Downtown Miami: Comparison of the Websites Words | 3 Pages Introduction In this assignment essay, the author will review and compare the web sites for the Hilton hotel in Gainesville, FL and the Hilton hotel in downtown Miami, FL.

Business Background of Hilton Hotels Corporation Hilton Hotels Corporation was founded in by Conrad Hilton when he acquired his first hotel, the Mobley Hotel, in in Cisco, Texas (Stipanuk, 98).

Hilton Hotel

Hotel and Hilton Essay Hilton’s Background Hilton is the leading global hospitality company, with more than 3, hotels androoms in 74 countries and territories, with more thanteam members worldwide.

The company owns, manages or.

Hilton hotel essay
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