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Framing the constitution thesis radicals, however, like Patrick Henry, Jefferson, and Samuel Adams, were conspicuous by their absence from the Convention. Independent scholar[ edit ] Following his departure from Columbia, Beard never again sought a permanent academic appointment. With characteristic foresight, however, Alexander Hamilton seized the occasion to secure the adoption of a recommendation advising the states to choose representatives for another convention to meet in Philadelphia the following year "to consider the Articles of Confederation and to propose such changes therein as might render them adequate to the exigencies of the union.

Historiography[ edit ] Historian Carl L. If property, then was the main object of government, certainly it ought to be one measure of the influence due to those who were to be affected by the government.

The Beards announced that the Civil War was really a "social cataclysm in which the capitalists, laborers, and farmers of the North and West drove from power in the national government the planting aristocracy of the South".

In the tenth number of The Federalist, Mr. All the members had had a practical training in politics. Washington, as commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary forces, had learned well the lessons and problems of war, and mastered successfully the no less difficult problems of administration.

To Beard, the Constitution was a counter-revolutionset up by rich bond holders bonds were " personal property "in opposition to the farmers and planters land was " real property.

Everywhere in Europe the government was in the hands of a ruling monarch or at best a ruling class; everywhere the mass of the people had been regarded principally as an arms-bearing and tax-paying multitude, uneducated, and with little hope or capacity for advancement.

Constitution was a product of economically determinist, land-holding founding fathers. For the next few years the brothers managed a local newspaper.

The men who were principally concerned in this work of peaceful enterprise were not the philosophers, but men of business and property and the holders of Framing the constitution thesis securities.

The necessity for new sources of revenue became apparent even while Framing the constitution thesis struggle for independence was yet undecided, and, inCongress carried a resolution to the effect that it should be authorized to lay a duty of five percent on certain goods.

The proposal of the Annapolis convention was transmitted to the state legislatures and laid before Congress. The basic flaw was the assumption that there was a unified business policy. Such an aristocratic body will keep down the turbulence of democracy.

In order to provide his students with reading materials that were hard to acquire, he compiled a large collection of essays and excerpts in a single volume: A veritable flood of pamphlet literature descended upon the country, and a collection of these pamphlets by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, brought together under the title of The Federalist -- though clearly a piece of campaign literature -- has remained a permanent part of the contemporary sources on the Constitution and has been regarded by many lawyers as a commentary second in value only to the decisions of the Supreme Court.

Sparks, who originally put it up, have been a failure up to now. Summary[ edit ] An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States argues that the structure of the Constitution of the United States was motivated primarily by the personal financial interests of the Founding Fathers ; Beard contends that the authors of The Federalist Papers represented an interest group themselves.

Living on lucrative royalties from textbooks and other bestsellers, the couple operated a dairy farm in rural Connecticut that attracted many academic visitors. This moderate proposition was defeated because Rhode Island rejected it on the grounds that "she regarded it the most precious jewel of sovereignty that no state shall be called upon to open its purse but by the authority of the state and by her own officers.

Two years later, the Assembly of the State of New York recommended a convention to revise the Articles and increase the power of the Congress. Owing its ratification to the law of a state, it has been contended that the same authority might repeal the law by which it was ratified.

The delegates were given instructions of a general nature by their respective states, none of which, apparently, contemplated any very far-reaching changes. In fact businessmen were widely divergent on monetary or tariff policy.

Discuss Beard's arguments in Framing the Constitution.

In addition, Beard lauds the backgrounds these men brought to their work, especially George Washington. For example, Andrew Bacevicha diplomatic historian at Boston Universityhas cited Beardian skepticism towards armed overseas intervention as a starting point for a critique of post—Cold War American foreign policy in his American Empire Madison warned the convention that in framing a system which they wished to last for ages they must not lose sight of the changes which the ages would produce in the forms and distribution of property.

His father was a farmer, contractor, part-time banker and real-estate speculator. He promoted "American Continentalism" as an alternative, arguing that the United States had no vital interests at stake in Europe and that a foreign war could lead to domestic dictatorship.

The conservative interests, made desperate by the imbecilities of the Confederation and harried by state legislatures, roused themselves from the lethargy, drew together in a mighty effort to establish a government that would be strong enough to pay the national debt, regulate interstate and foreign commerce, provide for national defense, prevent fluctuations in the currency created by paper emissions, and control the propensities of legislative majorities to attack private rights Gerry, the evils they had experienced flowed "from the excess of democracy," and he confessed that while he was still republican, he "had been taught by experience the danger of the levelling spirit.

Solicitude for the Freedman had little to do with northern policies. In short, it was a war between business and populism. The underlying purposes of the Constitution, therefore, are to be revealed only by a study of the conditions and events which led to formation and adoption.

Within a few weeks, the nationalist party in Virginia and New York succeeded in winning these two states, and in spite of the fact that North Carolina and Rhode Island had not yet ratified the Constitution, Congress determined to put the instrument into effect in accordance with the recommendations of the convention.

Other historians supported the class conflict interpretation, noting that the states confiscated great semifeudal landholdings of Loyalists and gave them out in small parcels to ordinary farmers. They knew very well that the state legislatures which had been so negligent in paying their quotas [of money] under the Articles of Confederation and which had been so jealous of their rights, would probably stick at ratifying such a national instrument of government.

Charles Ramsdell says the Beards emphasized that the Civil War was caused by economic issues, and was not basically about the right or wrong of slavery. He edited the college newspaper and was active in debate.

Charles A. Beard

He received his doctorate in and immediately joined the faculty as a lecturer.Charles A. Beard "Framing the Constitution" Excerpted from Charles Beard's "Framing the Constitution," in Peter Woll, ed., American Government: Readings and Cases, 11th ed. (New York: Harper Collins, ).

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Charles A. Beard in An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States () and Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy () extended Becker's thesis down to s it was generally accepted within the historical profession that [ ] Beard’s Progressive version of the [ ] framing of the Constitution had been.

Beard was expanding on Carl L. Becker’s thesis of class conflict. In the eyes of Beard, the Constitution was created by the Founding Fathers as a “counter revolution” that ran against the wishes of farmers and laborers.

Framing the Constitution by Charles A. Beard In Charles A. Beard’s article. Get an answer for 'Discuss Beard's arguments in Framing the Constitution.' and find homework help for other Law and Politics questions at eNotes. Beard’s main thesis in this book is essentially that the Founding Fathers chose the specific format of the Constitution of the United States to protect their personal financial interests.

Beard then goes on to argue that the Framing the Constitution by Charles A. Beard In Charles A. Beard’s article.

Framing the constitution thesis
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