Filming and editing services

With us you always own the copyright. We use DSLRs with multiple lenses, go-pros, and also a drone for aerial footage.

Video Production in Kent

We have invested in the latest High Definition equipment to ensure we can capture your event in excellent quality. We can either make the event viewable to the general public via a link on a website, or you can invite a select audience who will have access.

We provide the latest in high definition video cameras and equipment, coupled with experienced camera operators to ensure your event is recorded in excellent quality. This has proven an extremely popular choice with our clients who are impressed at how quicky we can get the event up online after it has finished.

Please contact us for more details about this service, including samples of our work. Want to get in touch?

Filming and Editing

Our services are based on our availability. We work with Booster Clubs for fundraising as well. We specialize in High School sports filming and recruitment reel editing. Editing Once your event has been filmed, we offer a complete in house editing service. If team members want a highlight recruitment reel edited from the team footage we shot, we provide them with an excellent discounted rate.

As filming and editing services bonus to getting your hunt filmed, our experiences as hunters will aid in your trip, guaranteed. Every hunt has a lasting memory.

We can provide multiple cameras if required to ensure nothing is missed.

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Do you already have your game footage? Event filming We specialise in filming live events such as conferences, award ceremonies, religious services and exhibitions.

We ask for as much notice as possible, as planning these trips around our families can be hard at times. We can film your game, anywhere, anytime or edit your existing sports video into a highlight scholarship recruitment reel or edit from your own footage.

So if your business is looking to implement video production in order to start creating your own video content in house then we can consult you on the best equipment and hold training days to teach you specific areas.

We can provide you with useful statistics to show you how many views each video has had, and how many views your mini site has had in total. We provide the finished edit to you in your choice of almost any format, such as: All our software enables us to convert a video to any format.

We always stick to your deadline for any project — so no matter how big or small the video Aether Productions will ensure it is completed in an efficient time.

Your chosen venue must have a broadband connection with adequate bandwidth. Let us film your hunt of a lifetime and make the memories last forever. We generally film individual athletes with one camera that focuses on overall performance and close ups and important plays.

Game On Sports Video produces individual recruiting videos for high school athletes looking to play at the college level. We have built a reputation with our clients for consistently delivering the highest quality footage coupled with flawless sound quality.

Professional Digital Filming and Editing Services:

Any Format There are hundreds of video formats and getting the right one is imperative to ensuring you get the right video for the right purpose.

With every video we create you, you will also retain your own copyright giving you full control over your footage allowing you to use it for promotional marketing such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Web streams can be audio only or audio and video. A typical action packed video is roughly min long.

The video production services we offer are HD and 4K Filming, Editing and Post Production, Title Animation — all of which can be used on a contracting basis so if your business has ongoing requirements for video production then just let us know. For more information email us at toppriorityhunting gmail.

We have passports and can travel just about as far as you need us to go. Expect to have your video complete in weeks. In the case of a conference, this will entail editing in the presentation slides in sync with the speaker, editing out pauses and breaks, adding title slides, captions and branding etc.

Professional Filming, Broadcasting & Editing Services for Grassroots to Elite Sports

We would be glad to edit your footage. For events such as award ceremonies, we get more creative, editing multiple camera shots together, inserting high definition graphics, over dubbing the audio enhancing the footage to gain maximum impact.

Call us if you just want to have all the footage edited into an exciting and dynamic college recruitment video.Offering professional video production services in Kent, across the UK and worldwide including filming, editing, title animation and consulting.

Top Priority Hunting Productions Top Priority Hunting is now offering filming and editing services.


Every hunt has a lasting memory. Let us film your hunt of a lifetime and make the memories last forever. Our years of hunting and countless encounters give us the edge in.

FilmMyMatch offer professional filming, broadcasting & editing services for grassroots and elite sports in the UK. DRONES FILMING EDITING ABOUT DRONENERDS.

Need aerial event coverage or sky-high footage for your film project? Drones are a growing market, and it’s hard to know what services you can really count on. But few have been in the business longer, or tackled a wider variety of projects than we have.

In addition, our supreme adaptability lets. The Services shall include but shall not be limited to video filming complete with all related editing services, provision of all other services as deemed necessary and as described in the Contract to complete the Services or as described in detail in each Service Order.

Hudson Valley High School Sports Team Filming, Scout Filming and Individual Athlete Video Filming and Scholarship Highlight Reel Editing Services serving NY, NJ. CT, Hudson Valley and NATIONWIDE.

Filming and editing services
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