Essay on education without values

These are the values to be nurtured so that all forms of life and the biodiversity on this earth are protected. If we disturb this harmony anywhere there will be an ecological imbalance leading to catastrophic results.

Value Based Environmental Education: To know about various living and non-living organisms and their interaction with environment. Preparation of text-books and resource materials about environmental education can play an important role in building positive attitudes about environment.

Value Education: Definition and the Concept of Value Education (With Example)

To create attitudes and improvement towards sustainable lifestyle. Cultural and Religious Values: To create and develop awareness about the values and their significance and role.

Others see it as a type of Socratic dialogue where people are gradually brought to their own realization of what is good behavior for themselves and their community. This means that values education can take place at home, as well as in schools, colleges, universities, offender institutions and voluntary youth organizations.

Implicit values education on the other hand covers those aspects of the educational experience resulting in value influence learning, which can be related to the concept of hidden curriculum.

Environmental education should encompass the ethical values of earth-centric rather than human-centric world-view. There are two main approaches to values education. The educational system should promote the earth-citizenship thinking. Objectives of Value Education: Let us see how environmental education be made value-oriented: To increase awareness about our national history our cultural heritage, constitutional rights, national integration, community development and environment.

Our cultural customs and rituals in many ways teach us to perform such functions as would protect and nurture nature and respect every aspect of nature, treating them as sacred, are it rivers, earth, mountains or forests.

Some see it as inculcating or transmitting a set of values which often come from societal or religious rules or cultural ethics. It has values of hard work, how nobody is useless and loving studies.

All these values promote conservationism and transform our consumeristic approach. To improve the integral growth of human begins. Value education also leads to success. Instead of considering human being as supreme we have to think of the welfare of the earth.

The concept that the human civilization is a part of the planet as a whole and similarly nature and various natural phenomena over the earth are interconnected and inter-linked with special bonds of harmony.

Some regard it as all aspects of the process by which teachers and other adults transmit values to pupils. This discussion on implicit and explicit raises the philosophical problem of whether or not an unintentional action can be called education.

Love, compassion, tolerance and justice which are the basic teachings of most of our religions need to be woven into environmental education. Explicit values education is associated with those different pedagogies, methods or programmes that teachers or educators use in order to create learning experiences for students when it comes to value questions.

Principles of self-restraint, self-discipline, contentment, reduction of wants, freedom from greed and austerity are some of the finest elements intricately woven into the traditional and religious fabric of our country.Value Education: Definition and the Concept of Value Education (With Example)!

Values’ education is a term used to name several things, and there is much academic controversy surrounding it. Some regard it as all aspects of the process by which teachers (and other adults) transmit values to pupils.

Essay on education without values
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