Do we expect too much from our public figures

So it is imperative that they behave according to the norms or the very people who set them on a pedestal will take no time in pulling down the celebrity. Simple like us, they are just living organisms who inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide.

We do this out of a misplaced sense of betrayal, as if their failures somehow reflect poorly on us. Plan your response and then write an essay. Due to our high expectation to the public figures, their lives are always being scrutinized under microscopes by us. I get the importance of having heroes, the people who inspire us to cultivate the best potential within us and nurture our better angels.

In a nutshell, these public figures have no privacy, especially if they are always stalked by their supporters or by the paparazzi, and have to be accountable for all their actions since they are representations of their country.

The problem is not that we look to these people for perfection when they take off their uniforms. I love making movies. Therefore, even if their actions were undertaken in private, as long as it breaks the law of the country, they must be punished accordingly.

Do we expect too much from our public figures? In addition, serving as a public figure, the stress level that one has to handle is tremendous.

Therefore, their behaviours as representations of the country must be prim and proper at all times and be very clear of what is right and what is wrong, even in their private lives.

And while he was hoping that people would respect the fact that he actually stood by his comments instead of running away from them as many do, Damon was further reprimanded.

Do we expect too much from our public figures? Digital access or digital and print delivery. Jordan offered a gracious and seemingly genuine apology. This is a serious consequence if they had publicly or privately done certain forms of unlawful actions, such as adultery, bribery, scandals, etc.

Even when they mean no harm, they can inadvertently share an opinion that might be unpopular or even downright ugly. As a "symbol," he was supposed to make the right people proud of him. The very same people who looked up to him pulled him down. For instance, love triangle is prevalent in surrounding, but Brad Pit, Jennifer and Angelina Jolie, who serves as the public figures do not have the freedom or privacy in keeping this personal afflictions confidential.

We are in an outrage culture, and some of the outrage is justified. As the saying goes, "With great power, comes great responsibility" and "All actions have consequences, even at the price of fame".

People say stupid things, articles get edited for shock value, words get taken out of context—these things happen. For instance, withholding the position of US president, Barack Obama is a man of greatness and authority now. They idolise them because God has gifted them with certain extraordinary talents.

Just like the rest of us. We do not expect too much from our public figures. If, however, the expectations of the citizens are low, the government will be able to maintain the positive image without much effort.

We do expect a certain propriety, especially from public figures. It is also a need for us to always maintain our impartiality; compliment when he implements great policy, criticize when he jumbles things up. It is of utmost importance that he takes the right path because the masses look upon him and will follow in his footsteps.

“He’s Full Of S**t”: Are We Just Not Here For Celebrity Mistakes?

We can never expect too much from public figures. The flip side of hero worship is the anger that comes from dashed expectations.Assignment: Do we expect too much from our public figures? Plan your response and then write an essay.

Our political leaders are not necessarily heroes, but represent the will of people, who delegate the responsibility for decision-making to public figures who have gained their trust. We expect too much from our public figures.

This is evident in literature and everyday life.

Do you agree that public figures should be held accountable for their actions?

Even in literature, public figures are faces with expectations of being perfect. May 03,  · #2-Strong opinions; either state why you, say, totally agree why we expect too much from our public figures, or strongly state that you think we don't expect enough from our public figures. Whatever you do, don't be Status: Resolved.

Public figures should be held accountable for their actions. Being a public figure means that the things they do in both public and private would be broadcasted by the media to the rest of the world, and followed closely by their fans.

Do We Expect Too Much From Our Public Figures Search Search Results An Assessment Of The Impact Of Forensic Audit On Bridging The Audit Expectation Gap In Cooperative Societies: a. In a similar manner, public figures are the individuals that we have placed our trust on. Due to their eminent potent ruling the top management positions in a society, we tend to immortalize them, and thus sometimes, expect too much from them.

Do we expect too much from our public figures
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