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Examples would include questions about the weather if the events took place outdoors, questions about what might happen next in the story, or what might have led up to the situation discussed.

Understand grade level general vocabulary words, such as admiration, chaos, furious, and scuffle, as well as subject-specific vocabulary like dissection, metamorphic, neutral and compromise Source: Explain how common core writing apps characters or other aspects of the passage interact and affect one another.

It also suggests zany writing prompts to get them to think beyond the norm when writing. While the app is free, teachers will need to sign up for an account through Frolyc to create and share classroom activities.

Splash Math is also highly recommended for teachers seeking to monitor real-time progress across multiple iPads as well as on laptops or desktops. Locate information in text efficiently. Many areas around common core writing apps country have aligned their curriculums to a national standard called the Common Core Standards.

Lesson plans and worksheets also help teachers align the content to the standards. The game builds critical thinking and mental math skills.

Users add and help align apps, so the more people who use it, the more content it will contain. Kids can create their own cartoons, allowing them to express themselves creatively and think critically when writing. Common Core Standards Through MasteryConnect, the Common Core Standards is a free convenient app that is an excellent reference for teachers, students, and parents to easily comprehend the guidelines established through the new core standards.

Student profiles allow parents and teacher to track progress of multiple users. MasteryConnect takes the Common Core standards and organizes them by state. Crackers and Goo provides kids with a unique and fun way to learn about math patterns.

Scholastic — study tips to help kids succeed with reading from Scholastic. Find both a fiction and a nonfiction book at the fifth grade level. Finally, ask your reader to retell the story in five to ten sentences or summarize the nonfiction information in a paragraph.

Find your state, download the free app, and always have your standards at your fingertips. As kids solve the puzzles, they learn the basics of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. An average student near the end of grade five should be able to read approximately correct words per minute out loud Source: Your reader needs to get information from the text while reading, or the entire process is a waste of time.

Kids will learn to think creatively as they play the fun games. Common Core math apps should go beyond basic problem-solving.

Student Writing Samples

As the rocket is floating through space, students have to race to collect touchable floating objects and solve math problems before the time runs out. Without sacrificing fun, this app helps educators with teaching letter recognition, spelling, self-correction, and phonemic awareness in the Common Core Standards.

Shake-a-Phrase builds kids grammar and writing skills in a fun way. Toontasticwhile pricey, is a high-quality app. These apps incorporate a variety of mini games that kids play as they build up their basic math skills. Activity Spot by Frolyc Within the web-based platform of Frolyc, the Activity Spot by Frolyc app allows teachers to utilize iPads within the classroom through meaningful and stimulating lesson plans aligned with the Common Core Standards.

With advanced text to speech capabilities, this unique app has the ability to pronounce an unlimited number of words as well as highlight unrecognizable words with a spell-checker. Luckily, the digital revolution has created a number of technological resources that have been designed to help schools find new ways to adapt their curriculum to meet these new rigorous standards.

These are inference questions, where the answer was not stated directly in the passage, but enough information was given to make a good guess. These apps offer creative ways to help you incorporate the Common Core State Standards in your classroom. Furthermore, the app utilizes familiar pinning tools to find a multitude of educational resources in curriculum maps that have been aligned to the new standards.

Splash Math Along with in-app purchase and enrollment options, the free Splash Math app series provides teachers with a vast collection of interactive math games for grades that have been aligned with the new Common Core Standards.

Read text at the fourth and fifth grade levels, recall details from the text, summarize and make inferences. They should help kids look at problems from different angles and provide them with real-life problems to solve. Scootpad As a free app for iPad and iPad mini, Scootpad has been designed as an adaptive learning platform aligned with the Common Core Standards for grades KBest Common Core Apps and Websites for Teachers.

Teaching the Common Core State Standards can be challenging: From lesson planning to instruction to assessment, there's a lot to learn and manage. The student reading and writing companion bundles cost $ and are available per grade level as a 6-year subscription. Visit website. Top Common Core Games and Apps.

Find grade-specific tools, tips, and ideas to boost kids' grasp of Common Core standards outside the classroom. We've rounded up the best Common Core-aligned games and apps to help your kids get the most out of the school year. common core games and apps good post thanks for sharing hadoop.

ELA Products Aligned to Common Core Standards.

Top Common Core Games and Apps

From vocabulary building to reading comprehension to writing clearly, you'll find terrific apps and websites that match the standards that are most relevant and useful to you and your students.

Continue reading. Top Picks. Use our tips and strategies for thinking about each of the seven personal essay options on the Common Application.

ELA Products Aligned to Common Core Standards

The Common Application Essay Prompts Tips and Guidance for the 7 Essay Options on the New Common Application. Share However you approach this prompt, your essay needs to reveal one of your core. Student Writing Samples.

Annotated student writing samples illustrating the integration of content understanding and writing in the three types of writing expected by college- and career-ready standards, including the CCSS.

The pieces in this On-Demand section represent one of the three types of writing named in the Common Core State. For English/Language Arts, apps should allow kids to think critically, analyze texts, and writing in a variety of ways.

These apps help encourage high-quality ELA instruction based on the Common Core. 2 Responses to “15 Best Common Core-Based Apps .

Common core writing apps
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