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Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution. Cheaper Finance The companycan save the cost of funds i. Alibaba itself acts as a middle channel and connects the buyers and sellers mostly importers and exportersand charges them with each side of transaction.

The third competitive advantage of Alibaba is networking, through its various online portals; Alibaba maintains the biggest network of buyers and sellers. Cash Deal with Snapdeal. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Disadvantages of Working Capital Dependency on Supplier Companies with positive working capital acquired funds from the bank or financial institution for running the operating cycle of their business. Competitive Advantage The first competitive advantage of Alibaba is the huge market place i.

For different types of sellers, Alibaba offers three different types of models. This is just a sample partial work. Given in the Chinese economy, high number of sales will lead towards low cost of sales and higher profitability Working Capital Working Capital Efficiency Since Alibaba is operating in a service industry where no inventory related activities take place, therefore in calculation the working capital of Alibaba the amount of Inventory will be stated as nil.

Alibaba may have itsown reservation on the same time. Snapdeal competes with the bigger rivals such as flipkart. The fourth competitive advantage of Alibaba is scale of operation. Alibaba provides a shopping based engine and payment solution to its customers.

Following are the sources of external sources of financeof Alibaba: Introduction Alibaba is a Chinese based e-commerce company which offers consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer, and business-to-business solution through a sale portal.

It is not necessary that the supplier will definitely finance the working capital gap. Toaboa, where small sellers place thousands of non-branded products forfree, and another is Tmall, which is exclusive to big brands and sellers where they pay for subscriptions and transactions.

These people prefer online shopping due to the discounts it offers, wide variety of product to choose, and the freedom online shopping offers. In the case of Alibaba, it hashuge dependency over the supplier, if the supplier does not provides product on time to customer, then Alibaba will face problems for generating positive working capital.

The second competitive advantage of Alibaba is that it uses seller-based revenue model unlike other e-commerce organizations. The share prices were increased due to the investor perception of Alibaba dominance over an e-commerce industry in China……………………. China, which consists of over million-internet users, twice of the United States.

Taobao is consumer-to-consumer portal of Alibaba which is just like eBay.

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External External funding comes from the cash that is generated externally by the company. However, Alibaba operates as a medium platform where it connects buyer with the seller and charge from each transaction, therefore there will be no payable amount mention in Alabama annual accounts Only the receivableamount will be calculate while computing the working capital of Alibaba in form of days.

This multiple platform provides Alibaba a competitive advantage in attracting all type of sellers. Alibaba incorporated in and it was founded by Jack Ma in order to connect Chinese suppliers with the overseas Case Solution, Case Analysis, Case Study Solution, November 6, debuted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, raising U.S.

$ billion to become the largest Internet presence in the world with. CASE STUDY - ALIBABA The primary subject matter of this case concerns the challenging nature of international business.

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Secondary issues examined include unique business strategies. Case study analysis of including General Environment, Industry envi., competitive analysis, financial analysis, SWOT analysis, business strategies.

Solution & Outcome. InAlibaba appointed CBRE to accelerate the search. CBRE quickly identified three submarkets that met Alibaba’s goals for a strategic investment, and ultimately focused on Wangjing in northeast Beijing. Case Study. Helping Young & Rubicam find a creative solution for its business.

Case Study. Learn More. This is the case study report of report tells you about the Alibaba Group, it's several others services and its growth and also about the meth.

Transcript of Alibaba case study. Content-- introduction-- Stakeholder theory-- problems & causes-- solutions Alibaba official operating Alibaba case study group 6 Kai Wang Dingyi Li problem and solution 1.

Customers are afraid of buying fake goods.

Alibaba case study solution
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