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Indian Indentureship Records - General Registers

Not after ten as in British colonies and Governor-General was empowered to suspend emigration to any French colony if any abuse was detected in the system. The first attempt at importing Indian labour into Mauritiusinended in failure, but bywith the abolition of slavery throughout most of the British Empire by the Slavery Abolition Acttransportation of Indian labour to the island gained pace.

The new system was expected to demonstrate the superiority of "free" over slave labour in the production of tropical products for imperial markets. Ian Randle Publishers, Conditions on board the ships were cramped and depressing and there were frequent outbreaks of such diseases as cholera, typhoid, dysentery and measles which led to high mortality rates on some of the journeys.

When Emigrants under indenture are ill they will be provided with Hospital accommodation, Medical attendance, Medicines, Medical comforts and Food free of charge.

A New System of Slavery: However, in order to qualify for the free return passage back to India, the Indian had to Additional info on indian indenturship himself for a further five years, but was free to choose both employer and occupation. For the indentured immigrants, life on the estates was bound by the terms and conditions of the contract which they had signed; though most were illiterate in all of the three languages in which the contract was formulated.


Colonial British Government regulations of made general provisions for recruitment of Indian labour in an attempt to minimise abuse of the system. The recruits were employed on three-year contracts.

They were required to carry passes, which showed their occupation and district and anyone found outside his district was liable to arrest and dispatched Immigration Depot. It remained in force of the rest of the indenture period.

Indian indenture system

Sunday was a holiday. Also, each revision of the law saw penalties becoming more stringent and comprehensive. Indian workers arrival in the Caribbean Between and a total ofIndians migrated to Trinidad under the system of Indian indenture.

Each man was required to appear before a magistrate and declare that he was going voluntarily. Number of hours in every day during which he is required to labour without extra remuneration-Nine hours on each of five consecutive days in every week commencing with the Monday of each week, and five hours on the Saturday of each week.

The contract stipulated a 45 hour work week but during crop time it could be six 9-hour days. This is demonstrated in the sheer number of freed slaves in colonies that imported Indian workers. After the lifting of the ban, the first ship left Calcutta for Mauritius on 23 January Initially, the journey from India to Trinidad averaged at about three months, but became substantially shorter and less turbulent with the opening of the Suez Canal in The Protector of the Immigrants in Mauritius reported that a ship arrived every few days with a human consignment and the large number of immigrants was causing a backlog in processing and he asked for help.

On 29 Mayoverseas manual labour was prohibited and any person effecting such emigration was liable to a Rupee fine or three months in jail. Indo-Caribbean and Indentured servitude in the Americas Newly arrived indentured labourers from India in Trinidad After the end of slavery, the West Indian sugar colonies tried the use of emancipated slavesfamilies from IrelandGermany and Malta and Portuguese from Madeira.

The influx of docile and manageable Indian workers diminished the competitive leverage and bargaining power of the freed slaves, marginalizing their position within the so-called plantocracy system persisting in the British colonies.Additional info on Indian Indenturship Essay The Arrival of the Indian Immigrants Tutorial Question: Explore the role gender and religion played in the experiences of the East Indian Immigrants in the Caribbean.

The Arrival of the Indian Immigrants Tutorial Question: Explore the role gender and religion played in the experiences of the East Indian Immigrants in the Caribbean.

Shadows of Slavery, Discourses of Choice, and Indian Indentureship in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies Nandini Dhar ariel: A Review of. The Indian indenture system was a system of indenture, a form of debt bondage, by which million Indians were transported to various colonies of European powers to provide labour for the (mainly sugar) plantations.

It started from the end of slavery in and continued until A Brief History of Indian Indentureship in Trinidad. 4 Pages. A Brief History of Indian Indentureship in Trinidad As a result, various attempts were made to find an alternative source of labour.

The Indian indentureship scheme had already been implemented in Mauritius () and British Guiana () and the Trinidadian 1. East Indian Indentureship. of every one of them to be kept duly registered; with four or five thousand additional per annum arriving to be disembarked, identified, allotted, registered; with semi-annual visits to be paid to every estate, and re-indentures to be granted to immigrants whose time has expired; with constant apparitions of.

Additional info on indian indenturship
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